4 Tips for Better Content

Most digital marketers are keenly aware of the phrase “Content is king.” What many don’t know is how to make said content stand out. Whether social media, website design, videos, or blog articles, what are some tips for better content? Here are four ideas to get you started.

Provide answers to your customers’ questions
There are many ways to select the topic or focus of your specific type of content. For simplicity’s sake today, we’ll use blogging as our example (although these tips apply to the rest equally as well). 
As a part of the blogging process, marketers often perform keyword research. As an extension of that, you should plug those keywords or long-tail keyword phrases into a Google search. Google will then provide you with a list of “What people are asking.”

Assuming your keyword phrase was “hanging Christmas lights”, several possibilities pop up, ranging from “hanging Christmas lights without gutters” to “hanging Christmas lights on brick.” If you are a professional light-hanging company, both of these blogs should be in your queue in the lead-up to the holiday season. By answering these search queries, you’re able to serve your customers with better content.

Use online tools
Better content often starts with analytics. Online tools such as SpyFu can help you pinpoint topics within your industry. The aforementioned “What people are asking” feature within Google can help you brainstorm keywords as well as expand your current targets.

If you struggle with grammar, run your script or copy through Grammarly. Some website systems, such as WordPress, have plugins that will analyze your blogs for readability. Finally, several websites will grade your content for passive voice. The maximum number of passive voice sentences in any document should be less than 10%.

(If you’re wondering about the difference between passive and active voice, here’s a quick example:
• Passive: The website was built by an agency.
• Active: An agency built the website.

Be conversational
Continuing with our blogging theme, a conversational tone can help you create better content. Mind you, we’re not suggesting you overwhelm your content with informal verbiage. Rather, we’re advocating that you minimize industry terms and rather act as if you have an audience of one.

That’s right: write as if you’re having a dialogue with a single individual. How would you speak to them? How would you answer their questions? What key points would you try to hit if you were having coffee?

Analyze data and results
In addition to the above tips, you can use data and analytics to help you produce better content. Most websites have some kind of analytics system monitoring them. Yours can also help you nail down the effectiveness of your previously released content so that you can make adjustments as necessary. 

Better content via white-label services
We understand the importance of having better content available to your online followers. Each type of media, from social media to blogging, requires a slightly different method of content creation. Regardless of your or your client’s needs, we can help produce content that converts through our white-label services.

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