4 Tips for Social Media Success

4 tips for social media success
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Your clients turned to you because you’re one of the experts. It can be frustrating  when, as a marketer, we run into creative slumps. This happens all the time; what’s  important is to take a step back and refocus. If you’ve been feeling slightly off with your  content creation, don’t worry: here are four tips for social media success to help get  you back on track.  

Use a content calendar 

Organization is a key component of social media success. Do you know what is going  out across your clients’ social media platforms and when it’s being published? If not,  that’s where a content calendar can help. 

And yes, we’re referring to a literal calendar. With just a quick glance, you can visually  see the topic of each post you’re publishing. Think of this as the outline that helps you  build the strategy. Whether you use a digital calendar or a printed one, a content  calendar can help reignite that spark if you’re feeling unsure of what to create for your  clients. 

Take a look back at old content 

There’s nothing inherently wrong with revisiting old content ideas. In other words, what  was a fresh idea a year or two ago may help to spark new post concepts for you today. 

We’re not saying you should re-share the content verbatim. Rather, use it as a basis for  your content calendar outline from above and create a new post around that topic. 

Switch up their content type 

Do you primarily post image galleries? Try posting a single image from the event, one  per day, for a couple of days. This can keep their social media followers asking for  more and provide you with post ideas for multiple days in a row. 

Do you primarily post photos? Consider video. 

Do you primarily post blogs? Consider posting an image with a link to the blog in the  caption. 

Switching up the type of content you create for them is yet another way to boost their  social media presence. 

Take a peek at their competition 

Let’s be perfectly clear: we’re in no way advocating that you should copy ideas from  your client’s respective competitors. 

However, it may be the case that the competition has some good topics. See if you can  incorporate a couple of those ideas, using original copy and original media, into your  clients’ content calendar. 

Bonus tip: use white-label website content for social media success Wait…wasn’t this a blog about social media success? How does white-label website  content help? 

That’s easy, actually. You should routinely share your clients’ website pages (blogs,  services, about us, etc) to their social media platforms. This builds additional layers of  trust with their audience. In addition, it’s never a good idea to “build your home on  someone else’s land.”  

Social media is the “someone else’s land” we’re talking about. Instead, use social  media content to drive traffic to your website. If your clients need help expanding their  website sitemap to include a more share-worthy page, then our white-label package  may be exactly what you need to help them achieve the social media success they’re  looking for. Click here to learn more about this service!

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