Call Tracking Number

One of the many great features of working with the Underground Marketing team is our call tracking services, which can go a long way in ensuring that you never miss a lead ever again!

Here’s a basic overview detailing how call tracking works:

  1. A customer will call you from an online advertisement or contact form listed within your website.

  1. The number that they reach out to you on will entail a unique tracking number that we’ve coordinated with you.

  1. The call will then be routed through our secure data center, and then to your home, office or cell.

  1. We’ll then provide you with comprehensive reports and recorded calls to help you guarantee that you’re obtaining the greatest ROI for your advertising investments!

Call Tracking Provides Many Useful Features To Support Your Company’s Efficiency

Some of the popular call tracking features you’ll benefit from include:

Real time tracking:

Your call data will constantly be updated within your dashboard, so if you need a report you’ll be able to quickly generate one about each of your clients.

Blacklist/block calls:

Don't worry about telemarketers any longer as you’ll develop multiple blacklists (numbers you want blocked).

Simplified configuration:

You can establish a new tracking number and assign it to any specific account within a matter of seconds, so making adjustments to your business phone system has never been easier!

No contracts:

You’ll only pay for what you use and when you use it. There are not contracts, no setup fees and no hidden fees.

Contact The Underground Marketing Team For More Information About Our Call Tracking Services!

All of us at Underground Marketing understand just how important your company’s phone system is when it comes to making the most of your online leads and improving your conversion rates.

So connect with us online to learn more about how call tracking can benefit you and your business team!