High Authority Guest Posts

As most business leaders are beginning to learn, blogging is one of the most vital tools for your inbound marketing strategy. If your company has been developing blogs within your website and you’ve seen ranking results from that blogging, then it’s likely that you’ll be interested in the increased rankings associated with guest posting as well!

The truth is that guest posting is absolutely critical in terms of gaining a competitive edge within your industry from an SEO standpoint, and below we’ll be providing everything you need to know about this all-important inbound marketing strategy:

What Exactly Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is also referred to as “guest blogging”, and it entails writing informative content that goes on another business entity’s website. The art of guest posting entails a very intricate process of high-quality content development, as well as thorough expertise within media relations.

Guest posting is meant to provide a win-win situation for both the website hosting the content and the business that’s benefitting from inbound links and higher traffic/SEO metrics as a result of the content.

So in other words, guest posting is a two-way street in that your business will obtain SEO benefits from the content and the publishing website will benefit from high-quality content that expands their own brand awareness and overall target audience.

Why Guest Posting Is Important For Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Guest posting provides a whole array of benefits for any website, and this type of content strategy always goes a long way towards developing your brand as an authority figure within your industry.

There’s absolutely no doubt about it that guest posting is one of the very best digital marketing strategies that your business can invest within, and the following are some of the benefits of guest posting that you should keep in mind:

Increased Exposure To Your Target Audience

Piquing your target audience’s interest in your company is always a very valuable benefit of guest posting, and this is regardless of whether or not a website is willing to provide your site with a link. Traffic is of course the lifeblood of any online marketing strategy, and developing high-quality content will go a long way towards growing your site’s traffic metrics.

Just be sure that your website is ready for these new leads with great landing pages and effective CTAs that will increase your conversion rates!

Expanding Your Company’s Network

Guest posting has made online networking A LOT easier than it used to be, and there will be many opportunities that arise as a result of your guest posting strategy.

And what’s great about partnering with Underground Marketing is that we’ll help you remain active within these online communities and seek partnerships to further bolster your unique guest posting needs.

Providing Social Media Boosts

Social media has become an increasingly important aspect of any content marketing strategy, and guest posting can help you develop more social media shares and followers.

And as we all know very well, social media boosts have a positive ripple effect throughout all of your online marketing goals!

Developing Your Online Authority

Online authority is such a major factor within digital marketing, because readers need to trust your brand in order to become loyal customers and subscribers. Guest posting provides your business with an opportunity to prove your credibility within your industry as a trusted source of information, and this will be invaluable towards developing high-quality leads.

Strengthening Your Backlink Profile

The vast majority of websites that allow guest posting will also allow at least one backlink to your website, and this link is essentially part of the reimbursement for your content development investment on their site.

But even just one high-quality backlink will greatly benefit your SEO efforts, partly because it’ll help Google and other search engines to more easily index and discover your website.

Growing Your Brand Awareness

Guest posting is always a great opportunity for your business to let your target audience know what you do and how you can solve their problems/needs, and this subsequently allows your brand to grow as an industry authority figure.

Our team will also ensure that your brand’s voice is a part of every submitted guest post, which will help your brand become more recognizable for countless readers and potential leads.

Producing Qualified Leads

As you can probably imagine, one of the most important ROIs associated with guest posting is getting this content seen by the right people who will then reach out to you and your company as qualified leads.

This means that the link you place within a guest post should be directed towards a relevant landing page on your site that keeps the lead on the right path towards becoming a conversion.

So guest posts expand your buyer’s journey in a way that your website doesn’t necessarily have the capacity of achieving!

Shortening Your Sales Cycle

Guest posts will inherently build your brand awareness amongst your target audience, so they naturally will help you increase the overall efficiency of your sales cycle for your products/services.

Instead of waiting on leads to come to your website, you can introduce you and your brand through guest posts!

How Guest Posting Works

What’s great about working with Underground Marketing is that we provide you access to our experienced, reputable content team that has the expertise and media relations to develop effective guest posting strategies. Another important benefit of our unique guest posting services is that it’s also very affordable as compared to the rest of the industry!

We make sure that your guest posting strategies are as seamless as they possibly can be from your end, and the moment you place an order you’ll be in direct contact with a group of guest posting specialists that have supported countless businesses in the past.

First your order will go to an SEO Specialist that researches your website’s biggest needs, and then decides which specific URLs/keywords need to be targeted. The SEO Specialist will then provide this information to the content team who will begin an outreach effort towards specific websites and editorial boards that are deemed valuable in support of your strategy.

Once the actual content development and editing stages are completed, the content team will submit the guest post to the appropriate editors and site administrators for approval. It sometimes may take a few days, but eventually your guest post will be published and you’ll reap the many rewards we listed above!

Reach Out To The Underground Marketing Team To Learn More About Our Guest Posting Services

Underground Marketing has supported countless businesses when it comes to high-quality guest posting services, and we’re more than confident that our content team will provide your website with the tangible results that you’re looking for.

Always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4434  to get in touch with our marketing specialists and learn more about how we can support you through affordable guest posting campaigns!