How to Build Solid Relationships With Your Clients

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As a marketing agency, one of the most critical things you do is build solid  relationships with your clients. Having a reliable network of companies you work with  and for will help to build your brand’s reputation locally and beyond. 

Of course, how to build those relationships can feel challenging, especially since each  client is different. Here are seven ideas to help get you started! 

Offer free marketing sessions 

You have a wealth of expertise and experience in your industry. Share that with your  clients via free marketing sessions. These can be simple, such as virtual Zoom-hosted  chats to an annual meetup at a local conference center. The idea here is to be helpful,  sharing the things you know that will make their life easier. 

Touch base biweekly 

A simple idea is a routine “touch point” with your client. Perhaps you run across an  article that reminds you of a certain client. Send it their way via email. Then, in two  weeks have a monthly check-in where you review analytics from the previous month’s  marketing campaigns. Whatever you do, the idea here is to keep the relationship  active, not passive. 

Offer free guides and ebooks 

Although useful for lead generation, free guides and ebooks are also a tool that your  clients may enjoy. Perhaps a short download on the “5 steps to marketing success”  would be something they’d appreciate it. Once you have it ready to go, send it to your  current clients for free (instead of behind a form for your potential leads). 

Be active on social media 

It can be hard as an agency to market yourself while working so hard for your clients.  Nevertheless, finding time to be active on your social platforms shows your clients that  you believe in the strategies you recommend to them. 

Send out news and updates via e-newsletters 

Audience segmentation is a vital component of successful e-newsletter campaigns.  One of those segmentation groups can be “Active clients.” Send them something  different than your other lead lists such as “insider tips” or another type of exclusive  content. 

Build a referral network 

Referrals are a great way to grow your client base. Offer your current clients some kind  of discount or commission for sending new business your way. This thanks them for  their efforts while helping you grow your business. 

Video Marketing 

Video marketing is becoming a larger portion of the digital marketing arena. This can  take many forms from the aforementioned free marketing sessions to interviews with 

your current clients. In the case of the latter, the spotlight shows them that you’re  grateful for their partnership while also showcasing the unique products and services  that they offer. 

Bonus: white label assistance 

Underground Marketing has a mission to help make your job as a marketer easier. We  offer several different types of white-label marketing services ranging from directory  listings to content creation and more.  

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