Press Release Distribution

All of us at Underground Marketing understand just how important your company’s media and public relations are for your long-term success, which is why our team will utilize press releases to share your most important information with reputable news outlets and online influencers.

A press release can support you and your business efforts in a whole variety of ways, and the following are a few common opportunities that indicate a newsworthy opportunity that journalists will be interested in:

  • Announcements oriented around breaking news
  • Events
  • Partnerships/Mergers
  • Research
  • Achievements/Awards
  • New executive hiring
  • Crisis management
  • And much more

Benefits Of A Press Release

Every business wants to increase their overall credibility no matter what industry they’re within, and press releases are one of the best ways to effectively and broadly develop your brand awareness while still remaining true to your SEO strategies.

The following are some of the most important benefits associated with press releases:

Utilizing Your News To Attract More Customers:

Around 80 million people get news online each day, so today’s online press releases can be very beneficial in expanding your target audience. That’s why we’ll be diligent to keep your potential customers in mind while we’re developing your press releases.

Increasing Your Brand’s Trust And Awareness:

As people read about your company, the more they’ll end up knowing about you. Press releases are useful tools when building your brand’s authority, because media outlets will end up wanting to cover your unique story and help you spread the word about your event, new product or company news.

Valuable Backlinks:

Links are an incredibly important part of your SEO strategies, and press releases from many different media outlets will provide your website with valuable backlinks. This will help increase your overall online visibility and make your website more easily searchable throughout the Web.

Increasing Sales:

Buying triggers like authority, credibility and likeability are all major factors when developing a press release marketing strategy. Press releases oriented around new products/services will likely lead to sales growth, and you may experience increased sales from press releases even when this isn’t your first and foremost intention!

What Makes Us Different

Underground Marketing has become well known throughout the entire United States and beyond as a comprehensive digital marketing services provider, and we understand how important it is to distinguish ourselves as a press release provider given the oversaturated nature of the industry.

We’re very different from traditional digital marketing firms, because you won’t be working with account managers, we won’t be outsourcing projects, we won’t mark up any print materials, and there absolutely no hidden fees.

We’re a multifaceted team of marketing specialists that come from many different industry backgrounds, so what’s great about working with us is that you’ll be simultaneously partnering with many different experts at an affordable cost.

And when it comes to press release development, you’ll be working with our high-quality analysts, content developers, media relations specialists and company administrators to ensure that you’re provided with the best combination of quality and affordability!

How Does It Work?

When you place a press release order, one of our specialists will reach out to you within 24 hours to confirm all the necessary information that you want within your press release. This information can include your business history, event information, contact information, specific topics/keywords, business logo or image, a map embed code, and up to 3 URLs for links to be pointed to.

Our specialists will then reach out to a press release writer that develops a first draft that’s returned for your review. Once we’ve developed an approved draft, we’ll then send the press release out for syndication. We guarantee that your press release will be completed and fully syndicated towards hundreds of media outlets within 30 days of your order.

After the syndication process is completed, we’ll then provide you with a comprehensive report that provides you links to the sites that published the press release or created an article oriented around your topic. These reports will usually provide around 300 links, but sometimes it’ll be much more!

Reach Out To The Underground Marketing Team For More Information About Our Press Release Services

Underground Marketing has supported countless businesses through our high-quality press release services, and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and better prepare your brand’s media relations strategies. Reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4434 to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can help you initiate a comprehensive press release strategy!