Get High-Quality Link Rentals Through Our Rent-A-Link Services

There are many SEO advantages associated with high-quality inbound links to your business website, because link building helps search engines recognize your keyword density and relevance. When you’re competing with other companies for highly-coveted ranking positions, your link profile will many times be the deciding factor that makes or breaks your competitive edge on SERPs (search engine results pages).

Having many quality links to your website is a key strategy for your long-term SEO success, which is why link rentals can go a long way in helping you secure a Google positioning that’s difficult for your competitors to overcome. However, it’s critical for business leaders to keep in mind that link rentals are a lot easier said than done!

That’s why it’s so important to put your trust in experienced digital marketing experts like the Underground Marketing team when you’re investing in this type of SEO strategy. Link rentals aren’t considered “organic” links, which means that you’re technically taking a shortcut towards a competitive advantage on search engines. This can potentially be problematic and lead to being banned on the major search engines when you make a mistake, so there’s no denying that link renting is a delicate strategy that requires consistent upkeep.

Our team has supported countless businesses when it comes to link renting strategies that bolster a website’s link profile in a responsible way, so you can be rest assured that your linking strategies are in good hands when you work with our experts.

Below we’ll be providing the details oriented around our Rent-A-Link services, and as always feel free to cotact us online to get in touch with a link rental specialist today!

How Rent-A-Link Works

We maintain a private blog network (PBN) that contains over 500 high-authority websites, and each of these websites has a minimum Trust Flow score of 15. These websites already have a ton of content found within them, and they’re useful sources for powerful links on demand. We make sure that each PBN site only points out a maximum of 5 links, which better ensures that your link rentals will remain strong.

When you’re ready to place a link rental order through the Underground Marketing dashboard, you’ll be asked to submit the URL that you want your link(s) pointed to and the associated anchor text for those links. We understand how you might not be 100% sure on what URL/anchor text to utilize, so our specialists will always be there for you to help you make these types of decisions.

Once we receive the details of your order, we’ll then develop content for a PBN site and have a link pointed to your site within 5-7 business days. We can point a limitless amount of links to your site through our PBN, but we’ll be sure to slowly leak out these links to avoid any suspicions or potential penalties from Google and other search engines. Our general rule when you want multiple links to the same URL is that we’ll wait 5-7 days between links, but we can always point links faster when you want us to. However, the fastest we can conduct this type of service is 1 link every other day.

We guarantee that our PBN network provides websites with a Trust Flow over 15, and we regularly monitor these sites to keep track of any SEO metric fluctuations. We’ll be sure to move your link if any particular site drops below a 15 Trust Flow score, and we’ll also be happy to move your links if you don’t like a particular PBN site for any reason. We can also change the URL/anchor text of your link if you no longer need the order details that you originally chose.

Every link rental will go on a website’s homepage, but because they are rentals we can’t necessarily guarantee that they’ll be permanent. These articles will be in a blog style with written text, an image/video and the link to your website.

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Link renting is an effective SEO strategy when it’s done correctly, and our PBN links are safe and efficient for our clients’ link building efforts.

Reach out to us online to get in touch with the Underground Marketing experts and let us know what questions you have about our Rent-A-Link services!