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As you’re creating content for your clients, one of the struggles all marketing agencies  face is SEO which seems “right” on paper but doesn’t have the impact you’d expect  that it should. This can be frustrating, especially when you’ve worked hard on those  content pieces for your clients. Here are a few SEO tactics to boost their effectiveness. 

Review your SEO titles 

Throughout this blog, we’re going to be using the fictional Acme company most of us  probably know through Looney Toons. Let’s assume Acme published a blog post on  “The three types of anvils.” The Coyote, eager to take revenge on the Road Runner,  performs a search for the “best anvils.” 

Your SEO title could look something like this: “The three types of anvils | The best  anvils to stop the Road Runner.” Now, your SEO title reflects both the Coyote’s search  term and your original title — a simple yet effective SEO tactic. 

Update content as needed 

However, maybe since Acme published this blog, they’ve released two additional types  of anvils through painstaking research and development. They’ve used failed attempts  by the Coyote in their data analysis, and have created two additional options based on  his failures. 

However, two of those anvils are now subsets of the originals. Therefore, there are still  “three” main types of anvils, it’s just that two of them have additional variations. 

Following so far? Good. Acme’s next step is to update this blog post and expand  those sections. It’s probably a good idea to update the publication date (easily done via  their CMS) so that the blog reflects the most current month and calendar year. 

Internal linking 

As we mentioned, Acme has three primary types of anvils with two of them having  subtypes. A good SEO tactic is to link a phrase under each anvil header to  the corresponding product within Acme’s online shop. 

Also in this hypothetical blog is a comment to the effect of “We also sell other  products to help you catch the Road Runner.” The phrase “other products” could link  to a product catalog or two other specific products. 

Boost your backlinks 

In this fictional Coyote versus Road Runner world, both characters also run  their individual blogs. The Coyote has purchased more anvils than any other customer  and routinely publishes reviews on his site. Acme should reach out to the Coyote and  ask him if he would be willing to link those reviews back to their site.  

Specifically, Acme has a product called “The Road Runner Stopper 2000.” The Coyote  reviews this blog, and a simple backlink would be to highlight a keyword or keyword 

phrase on his blog post, hyperlinking it back to the product listing. The more backlinks  Acme has, the more authoritative its site will be over the competition. 

Guest authorship 

Here’s where things get interesting. Guest authorship is another helpful SEO tactic.  Bugs Bunny has been watching things from the sidelines and has his thoughts on how  to catch the Road Runner. Acme should then contact Bugs and invite him to publish a  blog post on their site. Within that post, they should link to Bugs’ blog and equally  invite Bugs to backlink to his blog somewhere from his site. This helps to grow your  SEO network and is a great tactic to employ.

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