What Goes Into Quality Website Content?

what goes into quality website content?
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Your website is your digital home. In the same way that you would want a visitor to  your house or apartment to feel at ease when they walk into your living spaces, a  website visitor should feel equally at ease when accessing your website. To facilitate  this vibe, you need quality website content.  

So what does quality website content look like exactly? Here are a few things to keep  in mind when crafting your message. 

“Website content should written well be very” 

Are there any Jedi Masters here who would like to take a crack at Master Yoda’s poorly  structured sentence above? It’s probably obvious — we didn’t want to be too  confusing, after all. 

Website content should follow all proper grammar and spelling standards. Yoda would  struggle here, as we all know of his unique speaking style.  

We recommend drafting your content, running it through an online tool such as  Grammarly, and then having yet another set of eyes proof it. This can help identify any  lapses in thought processes or items that Grammarly’s A.I. missed. 

SEO and website headers 

SEO is a complex beast, and a topic that we’ll dive into more as time goes on.  However, today we want to touch on a website feature many individuals misuse  because they don’t understand its purpose. 

Website headers. 

Within your website’s CSS are various types of coded Header styles, starting with H1  and usually continuing through H5 or H6. These act not only as reinforcements for your  SEO focus but also allow the reader to catch the main points if they’re in a hurry. It also  breaks up longer paragraphs, which improves your overall readability (and user  engagement) scores. 

Be relational 

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What tone and style would speak to them  the most? How would they search for information? 

The answers to those questions can help you create quality website content. Here is  where we enter a gray area: quality content for one type of customer may not  necessarily equal it for another. You first need to understand your audience and then  write in a way to grab their attention. 

Use Calls to Action 

Calls to Action on your website serve as a way of pushing your audience through the  Buyer’s Journey. Calls to Action can take on many forms, including images, page copy,  and pop-up windows. 

Defining quality website content within the context of Calls to Action may seem difficult  at first. However, it comes down to usability and engagement. If your Calls to Action  encourage the reader to continue exploring the site, you’re on the right path. If they  seem obvious or intrusive, then the opposite is true. 

Use a white-label service for quality website content 

In our last blog, we touched on how quality website content can lead to social  media success. It can also promote business growth, build trust with your current and  potential customers, as well as position your brand as the authority in its industry. 

We work with various other marketing teams, acting as a white-label service so that  their clients’ website content stands out from the crowd. If this is something you need  for yourself or your clients, we can help. Learn more about our website development  process or visit our order page HERE to get started.

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