Listing Sync: What It Is and How It Helps Your Business

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Maintaining your company’s online presence can be a difficult process. There are many directories and places to update as you add or remove products and services, host special hours, or move to a new location. All of this is made much easier with one of our services: Listing Sync.

What is Listing Sync?
Listing Sync is exactly what the title might sound like: a solution to manage all facets of your online presence. This can include:

• Search engine listings;
• Social media profiles;
• Mobile applications;
• And even your location on various navigational services such as Apple or Google Maps;

Listing Sync takes advantage of various technological expansions to seamlessly provide you with a centralized method to keep all of these various pieces in unison.

How can it save time?
Updating your hours on Facebook alone can take several minutes — especially as Meta is known to change up the method of updating your Page data haphazardly. Do you remember which email you used to set up your Google Business listing?

Better yet, do you know every listing agency online and what they’ve “scraped” from online sources to create a profile for your company? Tracking all of these down is time intensive, requiring many manpower hours alone just to analyze.

Listing Sync makes all of this a breeze, providing you with a single Dashboard to make these changes within a simple-to-use UI.

What kinds of data can Listing Sync update?
We’ve already mentioned a handful of the items that Listing Sync can manage for you. As a few considerations, did your hours of operation change during the recent holiday season? Have you recently updated your website to a new URL? Or did you phase out one of your previous services with a more powerful solution?

These are just a handful of the possibilities that Listing Sync can keep updated for your company.
Are there any inherent protections with Listing Sync?

Have you ever had to “claim your Google Business Listing” by proving ownership of your company? Or did someone else claim it for you years ago, only for them to use an abandoned or no longer active email address?

Some online directories use whatever data they find to build a profile for you. In other cases, directory services will use user-submitted info for your company.

In short, Listing Sync helps you maintain control of how your company appears online and what information is out there about your brand.

Does Listing Sync provide real-time management for a brand?
In a word, yes, Listing Sync provides real-time management for all facets of your brand. Listing Sync capitalizes on powerful advances in technology over the past several years, unifying your brand’s presence while keeping control completely in your hands.

Learn more about our Listing Sync services
Would you like to see our Listing Sync in action? Not only can you get a preview of our services HERE with an embedded video, but our team can also sit down with you and give you a sampling of what we find for your company directly. Send us a message HERE and we’ll set up a time to go over Listing Sync with you.

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